Wholesome Family Farm

We are a family run farm Located in Creswell, Oregon, near Eugene. We  currently specialize in maintaining and milking Jersey dairy cows. We are working on expanding our farm to include a full garden, pasture raised beef, pastured pigs, pastured poultry and pastured egg-layers. It is our goal to offer full farm shares (including all of these farm fresh goods) in the near future.

Wholesome kids working in the garden.

Our beautiful farm.

We believe in sustainable natural practices and desire to provide the freshest and cleanest product possible.

We do not sell our products directly to the public, but instead invite you to be a co-owner of our cows through a herdshare agreement.

Your share will entitle you to either raw milk, butter, cream or yogurt.

Currently we have drop points throughout Lane County.

* To find out what a herdshare is, just click on the HERDSHARE ?” button.

* For info on our product  pricing and to print out the herdshare contract, check out the “PURCHASE ”  tab.

*To learn about our cows and our milk  click THE HERD & MILK” link.

*To find even more information on raw milk and traditional diets click on the LINKS”  button.

*If you have any additional questions that cannot be answered here on our site please CONTACT US”  We would love to hear  from you.