Wholesome Family Farm

We are a family run farm located in Scio, Oregon. We  currently specialize in maintaining and milking Jersey dairy cows. You can own a share in the herd and gain the benefit of enjoying raw milk and cream. We gladly serve those living in both the Eugene and Salem areas.

Feel free to cruise around our site and learn more about us! Please contact us with any questions, we love hearing from you!

Wholesome Family Farm is situated on the beautiful and certified organic land of Harmony Jack farms. Harmony Jack raises certified organic fully grass-fed beef which is also available to purchase through us!

We cannot sell raw milk or raw cream directly to the public, we instead invite you to become a shareholder in our herd.

Your share will entitle you to either raw milk or cream.

Currently we have drop points in Eugene and Salem Oregon.

* To find out what a herdshare is, just click on the HERDSHARE ” button.

* For info on our product  pricing and to print out the herdshare contract, check out the “PURCHASE ”  tab.

*If you have any additional questions that cannot be answered here on our site please CONTACT US”  We would love to hear  from you.