The Herd

Our milking herd is made up of 100% Jersey cows. Jerseys are small heritage breed cows, that are not high volume producers, but their butterfat to milk ratio is out of this world! In addition to the milk being extra creamy it is also packed with more nutritional goodies.

The Feed

The ladies of the herd graze on certified organic pastures as the weather permits (Spring – Fall). They are also given high quality organic alfalfa and timothy grass hay. In addition to that, we supplement with redmonds salt/mineral mix and diotomaceous earth. We never feed any grains, give hormones or give antibiotics to our milking cows.

The Milking Process

We milk once a day in the morning, this puts less stress on the cows and keeps us sane, so it’s a win/win. The cows are brought in four at a time into a concrete floored milking parlor. Their udders and legs a sprayed clean and wiped down. Each teat is then given a cleansing squirt and then dipped in a sanitizing iodine solution. The solution is then wiped off with a clean wash rag and the udder is prepared for milking.

We utilize a closed bucket machine milking system. The suction used is gentle and similar to a nursing calf. The cows are milked two to a bucket and the jars a labeled accordingly. Buy this process we can easily track down any problems that might occur.

After the bucket is filled, the milk is the filtered, poured in to jars and placed in an ice bath that quickly cools the milk and seals in it’s sweetness.

Our milking equipment is given a warm water rinse immediately after milking , followed by a hot water and dairy soap rinse (dairy soap is specially formulated to break down milk proteins), then a dairy acid is pulled through to disinfect the hoses and also to neutralize the soap. That is followed by a final hot rinse and 24hr air dry. Then everything is given an additional rinse before milking.

All of our jars, pouring equipment and anything that fits is washed in a professional sanitizing dishwasher. The pouring surfaces are wiped down, sprayed with vinegar, left to sit for 5 min, wipe them again and repeat if necessary. We also spray in clean off the milking pad daily.