Get a share!

As a herdshare member, you are a subscriber to our service of caring for and milking the herd you share in. Your buy-in fee makes you a shareholder and your monthly fee covers the feed and pays for the daily work it takes to produce high-quality raw milk. Because of that, if a shareholder leaves town or cannot pick up their share of milk, the monthly fee *cannot* be pro-rated. Any failure on the farm’s end to provide the proper service will be refunded or compensated at the farmer’s discretion.

$12.50 buys One full share, this is a one-time payment. One full share entitles the buyer to one-half gallon of whole raw milk weekly.

$27.00 per share will be due on their first of each month to cover the feed and care for the buyers share(s) of the herd. ~ A late fee of $10 will apply if other arrangements are not made.

The shareholder’s milk will be delivered by the farmer to a host fridge agreed upon.

To check for availability in your area and to get a copy of our FAQ and Herdshare Contract to review, please email us at:

541 525 9150