About Us

Our Farm History: We've been raising our own Angus Beef and farm fresh eggs for years. Beth's dream of having a Jersey cow came true in January 2019 when Thomas and Beth decided to get a Jersey milk cow. We found a certified organic dairy that was selling their less productive Jersey cows and added Clarabelle to our farm. What she would eat, her health and happiness, the cleanliness of her milking conditions and the safe handling of the milk were of utmost importance. The fresh, whole milk was fantastic and soon we wanted to share this gift. Not much later we got another certified organic Jersey cow to keep up with the milk demand. We love working with these beautiful animals daily, watching them run across their pasture to us at milking time. It was a natural transition to acquire Wholesome Family Farm in 2019. We merged the Jersey cows and our Angus beef cattle together to provide premium quality food to families. 

Now we want everyone to have the opportunity to eat local, Pasture Raised Premium Angus Beef, Raw Jersey Milk, Rainbow Eggs and get the convenience of regular delivery.



About the Owners: Food quality and farming have always been important to us. Jeff & Beth are both graduates of the University of Washington and have been married since 1996. Jeff, is a US Navy veteran and semi-retired engineer. Raised in Nebraska, he worked a summer on a dairy in his youth and would visit his grandparents traditional farm every year. Jeff provides our farm with the infrastructure needed, helping/teaching the kids and support and direction for Beth. Beth is a childhood-cancer survivor. In the late 70's/early 80's she had her own 100 chicken, free-range egg farm on her parents' horse farm in Washington. She sold eggs to the neighbors and 2 health food stores. 


About the Family: Kyndra delivers for the farm and helps when needed doing general farm work. Alyssa is studying to be a Computer Engineer like Jeff. She delivers for the farm and will lend a hand when needed. Thomas is still in high school and runs the bobcat like a pro, does fencing and helps where he's needed. Daisy decided that life off the farm is for her and works in Hillsboro. 

Feel free to call Beth any time at 503-332-7792.

Beth & Jeff Kittle, Owner & Farmer