Is milk delivered? 

Milk is delivered to the pick up location every week, 52 weeks per year. 

When and where are the pick up locations? 

Mondays - Eugene near LCC 

Tuesdays - Salem near 12th & Commercial; West Salem near Riggs & Hwy 22 Thursdays - Albany, near Hwy 20 in North Albany, Jefferson, Aumsville 1 mile south of town  Friday - Salem near 12th & Commercial 

On farm most anytime 

What is the farm address? 

15204 SW Muddy Valley Rd, McMinnville OR 97128 

What kind of cows do we milk? 

Jersey cows, though 1 of our cows, Hilda, has ¼ Normade. 

How does the herdshare work? 

With a herdshare we charge a 1 time cost per share of the Herd that you buy. Then we have a  monthly agistment fee for each share you own for the Herd’s caretaking

If you want 1 half gallon jar each week, you'd pay $12.50 for the 1 time purchase fee, then $30  each month. If you want more milk then that you would simply multiply those numbers for how  many jars you want weekly. The milk is provided 52 week's per year. 

What does 1 share get me? 

1 share gets you 1/40 of a cow in our Jersey milking herd and ½ gallon of her milk each week. 

What does the milk "cost" me? 

$30 x 12 ÷ 52 = $6.92/half gallon. 

How does picking up the milk work? 

The milk is put into a fridge at the drop location. Herdshare families can pick up the milk within the next day or 2 from the fridge. 

What kinda of jars do you use? 

We use ½ gallon wide-mouth canning jars with BPA-free plastic lids. 

Do I return the jars? 

Yes! Jars should be washed and returned with the same white plastic lid. Please try to bring them weekly.

Should I scrub the writing of the jars? 

Yes please. The easiest way is with a little warm water, a drop of soap, and a scrubby pad. 

What does the writing on the jars mean? 

The first, a number, is the date that your cow was milked and jar filled. The second letter(s) are the first letter of the cow's name from which your milk came. The last is your name. H - Hilda; K - Kali; T - Taffy; B - Bright; A - Asia; C - Clarabelle; M - Mazie; S - Star; Bi - Bambi; P - Penny 

How do I sign up? 

Email Beth at wholesomefamilyfarm@gmail.com to get the contracts. Then pay for your share and the 1st month’s agistment. 

Can I start mid-month? 

Yes, the agistment can be prorated. 

What do the cows eat? 

Forage only such as pasture, hay, and alfalfa, no grains at all. Free choice of minerals. 

How do you care for your pastures/hay? 

All our pastures are organically fertilized, never any pesticides and almost never any herbicides. We handpick and cut hundreds of weeds every year. The only time that we might use a herbicide is to hand spray a very harmful weed like Poison Hemlock. 

Can I visit the farm? 

Yes! They are your herd and of course, you can come to see them. Just let Beth know to set a time. 

How/where is payment made? 

Check made out to "Beth Kittle" and mailed to 15204 SW Muddy Valley Rd, McMinnville, OR 97128. 

Venmo: @WholesomeFF 

Zelle: 503-332-7792 

Credit Card

https://www.convergepay.com/hosted-payments?ssl_txn_auth_token=QU6dcDhHS0OnAhdjx2e VNgAAAW7SgxtQ. Please add $1 per transaction to help cover the credit card charge. 

What is the cancellation policy? 

If you'd like a refund of the cost to buy the share we ask for 30 days’ notice so that it'll be a discount off of your final month’s agistment. If you don't want a refund then you can cancel stop anytime. 

What happens when I go out of town?

If you are going to be gone for an extended vacation, 1 month or more, then let Beth know and we can generally pause the agistment. If you are going on vacation for a shorter time, you can let us know and we'll not deliver and then give you extra milk before and/or after your trip, depending on availability. 

Do you skim some of the cream off? 

We never skim the cream off of the milk that you receive with the whole milk shares. The milk for your herdshares is poured into the jars directly after being milked and filtered before any separation has even occurred. 

Do you offer cream? 

Yes, with limited availability. The agistment price for the cream: 

12 oz jar/wk - $38/month 

16 oz jar/wk - $50/month 

32 oz jar/wk - $95/month 

To purchase the herdshare for the 12 oz & 16 oz cream is $12.50. To purchase the herdshare for the quart is $25. 

What breaks do the cows get from milking? 

The cows are not milked for 2 months before they calve. Sometimes it is longer, rarely it is slightly shorter. Because we work with each cow individually every day, we look for signs that she is needing the energy to grow her calf and/or wants a break from being milked. If momma is anything less than fat, happy, and producing the same amount of milk, we know she needs an earlier break. 

What do you do with the calves? 

We keep the calves on their moms and share milk for 4 to 5 months. This is subject to the calf not damaging mom's udder. If the calf needs to use a bottle, they still will be near mom. As the calves grow they are raised on pasture to become replacement cows or are raised for our beef program. 

Do you offer anything else besides the milk and cream shares? 

Free-Range Eggs in a rainbow of colors from hens that roam the pasture with the livestock. The hens are fed a locally sourced and milled corn-free and soy-free feed. The cost for $6 per dozen eggs. 

Forage-fed Beef 

We have a few options for grass-fed and finished beef. All animals are raised by us and have not been given any growth hormones ever or antibiotics. We are very transparent with you knowing what you are buying.

Angus Premium - Primarily we focus on Angus. We carefully breed for naturally very well-marbled beef to be perfect on forage at 18 to 23 months of age. This year we will have a limited supply while we grow this group. 1/4 will weigh generally 160 to 200 lbs. 

Jersey-cross - Sometimes we will have a Jersey crossed with Angus available. Under 24 months.  The meat will be leaner and steak/roast sizes will be smaller. 1/4 will weigh generally 120 to 160  lbs. 

Angus Cow - Also known as Vaca Vieja, this is more flavorful meat that does better with slow-cooking methods. Makes fantastic ground beef, stew meat, premium steaks, and slow-cooked roasts. Angus will have more fat cover and marbling.1/4 will weigh generally 170 to 280 lbs. 

Jersey Cow - Similar to above and also known as Vaca Vieja, this is more flavorful meat that does better with slow-cooking methods. Makes fantastic ground beef and stew meat. Jersey will have less fat cover and smaller portion sizes. 1/4 will weigh generally 105 to 140 lbs. 

1/8 Option: If you are interested in just T-bone & rib-eye steaks, ground beef, and stew meat AND  want just a 1/8, let me know and we may be able to match you with someone else. Works great with the larger cows. 

1/10 Option: Ground beef only. 

How do I reserve beef? 

Email or call for a current list of available and upcoming beef. Send $100/quarter to hold your reservation. 

What if I have more questions? 

Please call Beth anytime at 503-332-7792. We are very busy on the farm, however, we always welcome questions. You deserve to understand your food and from where your food comes from.