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Wholesome Family Farm

Pasture Raised Corn/Soy-Free Chicken

Regular price $30.00 USD Deposit
Regular price Sale price $30.00 USD Deposit
Whole Chicken

On farm pick up in Sheridan - August 2024! 

Sold Out - June Harvest

Happy chickens make good eating. Birds get to have grass under their feet with the wind in their feathers and the sun shining upon them. 

From our friends at Forever Learning Homestead! 4-6lb whole chicken at $5.50lb with a maximum cost of $25.00 per whole chicken. Your deposit will be credited to your purchase at pick up of your order.

Young Cornish Cross meat chickens. Come to the homestead a day old and raised in a brooder until they can go out on grass. They get locally milled, locally sourced corn/soy-free feed to supplement their pasture diet. Moved once or twice per day to fresh pasture. 


 - Forever Learning Homestead Pasture Raised Corn/Soy-Free Chicken

- Chickens get to be chickens

- Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%  We Guarantee the quality of the chicken!

- The chicken will come fresh on pick up date or frozen after pick up date.


- $35.00 USD Deposit for 5 whole chickens

- $50.00 USD Deposit for 10 whole chickens

- Optional Cut in Half/Piece Out extra fee $2-6 each chicken

- Broth pieces heads, feet upon request

Forever Learning Homestead is a place to come to learn sustainable and caring homesteading from the soil to the kitchen. For more info, visit our website:

* If interested in future date, please email Forever Learning Homestead directly at