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Wholesome Family Farm

Primal + Whole Cow Ground Beef

Regular price $45.00 USD Deposit
Regular price Sale price $45.00 USD Deposit
Primal + Whole Cow Ground Beef

Approximately half of your packages will be Primal Ground Beef and half your packages will be Whole Cow Ground Beef.

*The deposit is 50% of the total cost with the remainder due by delivery.


* Butcher Costs
* Delivery to a centralized pickup location of your choice. Portland to Eugene. 


* Wholesome Family Farm Raised Grass-Fed & Finished Premium Angus
* Custom Butcher on-farm - our animals never have the stress of a slaughter plant. 
* Aged and hand-cut at our custom Butcher in Dayton
* Dry-aged beef 14 to 19 days. 
* Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%